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Administration support packages
designed with you in mind

Working with us

With years of experience across a range of industries, we're here to help you reduce your administration overwhelm whatever that looks like for your business.

Whether you're the CEO, EO, GM or business owner, we offer a range of administration services designed to free up your time so you can get back to the revenue-generating activities you're best at.

By partnering with Admin Collective, you'll enjoy the advantages of having an extra pair of hands (or two) on your team without the burden of extra overhead costs, annual leave, or sick leave.

Productivity is our middle name.

The services below can be adapted to meet your specific administration support requirements no matter the size of your business.  When we're on the clock we're 100% focused on your tasks, so you can trust you're only paying for the jobs you need done.

And because we know that change is the only constant, we offer flexibility with our service packages, allowing you to end the contract whenever you're ready.


Not For Profit

Document Formatting
Board Report Collation
Funding Applications
General Administration

Personal Assistant

Calendar Management
Email Inbox Management
Document Presentation
HR Support

General Admin

Email and Inbox Management
Meeting Support and Minutes
Database Management
Data Entry

Accounts Admin

Payable / Receivable
Financial Reporting


These packages are standard, but not set in concrete.  We're happy to discuss options that work for you.

Right-hand Lady

$2,899 per month

40 hours per month gives you consistency in your business with your clients and customers.
By choosing this monthly service plan you'll benefit from the best rate on offer.

* Peace of Mind

$1,499 per month

20 hours per month of ongoing support to ensure you can focus on your business with a lower financial outlay. By choosing a monthly service plan you'll benefit from preferential rates.
* Most Popular!

A Little Help

$760 per month

10 hours per month ensures you have secured hours each month to hand over those little follow up tasks that can easily be done by someone else, or a pair of eyes over your calendar each week.

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An investment in your business

"Tash took on our complex and potentially challenging project and delivered beyond expectations. Simple the best investment we have made in years as the cost to engage Admin Collective was truly offset by the many valuable hours saved for us to try and manage this.

We can only hope that Tash will be able to take on us as a client again next year."

Geoff Turkington - Director